CINTRAN Regions in Transition Academy Event, Kozani, Greece

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We had an opportunity to discuss and unpack coal+ regions’ self-defined top priorities in an interactive manner in the framework of Horizon 2020 CINTRAN project. Several transition regions (Western Macedonia, Greece; Ida-Virumaa, Estonia; Rhineland, Germany; and Silesia, Poland) were present. Post Mining Network supports the Just Transition helping to ensure the social and climate sustainability. Martin Fessard, represented the Post Mining Network by giving a speech "Bio-based materials as lever for energetic efficiency and local economy in Nord Pas-de-Calais"

CINTRAN is a 4-year programme of research and stakeholder engagement, funded by Horizon 2020. Led by the Wuppertal Institute, the CINTRAN consortium involves 13 partners and around 40 researchers from 8 countries across Europe

Regions that economically depend on fossil fuel extraction or energy-intensive industries will be disproportionately affected by the decarbonisation of industry and the economy. The CINTRAN project studies the complex patterns and dynamics of structural change in those carbon-intensive regions across Europe. It examines the pace of transformation and the regions’ capacity to cope and adapt proactively through highly integrated, inter- and transdisciplinary research working in close collaboration with regional stakeholders from four highly fossil-fuel dependent regions: Western Macedonia (Greece), Silesia (Poland), Ida-Virumaa (Estonia) and the Rhenish mining area (Germany). This knowledge will inform more effective, just and inclusive governance of regional transformations.

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