Post-mining Network (EN)

In 2022 the Chair "Acclimatize post-mining territories" initiated the Post-mining Network as a response to lack of cooperation between post-mining territories across the world.
The member-led Network brings together individuals and institutions from 30+ countries promoting sustainable development of regions that bear the stigma of extractivism. We put at the heart of our actions the co-development and co-design approach, while exploring and testing new architectural, landscape, design, ecological, heritage, cultural and social solutions for reclamation of post-mining territories.

The Network is an open structure that articulates the architectural experimentation locally and internationally, and acts as a meeting point between research and action for practioners, researchers, students, private companies, policy makers and citizens.
Born in the Mining Basin of Nord-Pas-de-Calais the Network in based at the Mission Bassin Minier.

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