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International Post Mining Network brings together individual and institutional members from 20+ countries with the main mission to support sustainable developpement of post-extraction regions through participatory spatial planning.

Our mission and objectives

Our mission is to mobilise and coordinate the international network of partners, in particular universities, research centers, regional and local authorities, cultural institutions, associations and foundations, as well as private organisations and communities of practice, to foster research and actions on post-mining situations and to document them both in terms of transmission of knowledge and pooling of experience as regards the diversity of post-mining contexts in France, Europe and abroad.
The network articulates in various aspects of mining territories, mining territories under transition and post-mining territories, with particular focus on architecture, town planning, design, landscape, socio-economics, culture, and heritage.

Our objective is to improve the well-being of citizens and territories helping them to "acclimatize" to global challenges of the 21st century such as climate change and energy insecurity. We aim to co-implement the global vision of New Urban Agenda, European Green Deal and New European Bauhaus Initiative to improve the living spaces and co-build a sustainable future for post-mining regions.

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